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PRDS Valves ( Combined Pressure Reducing Cum Desuperheating Valves )

Steam Pressure Reducing Station ( PRS ), Steam Pressure Reducing And Desuperheating Station ( PRDS )

Features :

Our combine PRDS valve is a single seated globe type valve that combines pressure & temperature reduction in one compact solution. The high pressure, high temperature steam which enters the main branch, is reduced in pressure and then spray water is injected immediately after pressure reduction.

The high velocity and turbulent flow conditions data present immediately following the pressure reduction allow for rapid atomization and absorption of the spray water thus effectively desuperheating. the steam.

Reduction of noise level due to mist formation by water is an added advantage.

Size : 15 NB to 300 NB
Rating : IBR approved ANSI Class 150, 300 , 600 , 900 , 1500 & higher on request.
Body Materials : Carbon Steel (A216 Gr WCB) / Alloy Steel (A21? Gr WC6) / 55 (CF 8M)
Leakage Class :
ANSI B 16.104 CL IV
Range Ability : 40 : 1

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