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Pressure Relief Safety Valves

Our pressure relief safety valve is designed as a pop up type valve. On exceeding set pressure the valve opens to discharge the excess built up pressure.

After relieving excess pressure, the valve automatically returns to the original position. The bronze internals (Seat & Plug) ensure that there is no leakage while in operation.

By replacing only the spring it is possible to change set pressure range.

Sizes Available : 15 NB, 20 NB, 25 NB, 40 NB, 50 NB
End Connections : Screwed BSP
IBR Certificate : Available For IBR Applications
Soft-Seating :
Also Available For Air Application
Maximum Operating Temperature : 235° C
Available Range : Min. Blow Off Pressure 0.35 Kg/Cm2 Max. Blow Off Pressure 17.5 Kg / Cm2

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