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Condensate Return Pump Systems

Precision Controls offers the field proven CRPS Condensate Recovery Pump System.

Our offering include :

  • Widest range (capacity) available from 500 Kg/hr to 30 T/hr.
  • Uses inexpensive Steam or Air for operation.
  • Energy Consumption is proportional to Qty of condensate returned.
  • No cavitation or impeller to get worn out.
  • Total Y eliminates failures seen in earlier mechanical pumps.
  • Only 1 moving part in HT which makes pump maintenance free.
  • Completely framed structure which makes the pump robust.
  • Stainless Steel internal parts.
  • Pre-wired, pre-piped package for easy installation.
  • Components of superior make makes the system highly reliable.
  • Supplied with Condensate Flow Totaliser.
  • Each CRPS functionally tested for 72 hours before dispatch.
  • Unique 2 year comprehensive on-site warranty.

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